About Anassa

Anassa Yachting Cruises welcomes you on board of Anassa, built by Sunreef Yachts. The name Anassa is derived from the Greek word meaning Queen.

Anassa was the Queen of the Aegean sea offering beauty, grace and luxury.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality services throughout the enchanting world of sailing.
What makes Anassa Yachting Cruises so unique? Perhaps it is the desire to be one step ahead, coupled with the courage to be different in the world of yachting.

“Spectacular Anassa” is a place where reality REALLY IS better than imagination.

Our highly experienced yachting crews, take pleasure in translating your vacation into a dream of a lifetime.

Experience the dream for yourself on board the Anassa yacht in the Greek seas of the Aegean and Ionian.


Dear Kerstin, Jiorgos & Tilak,
What an absolutely wonderful cruise! Your hospitality and sense of humor made this cruise so memorable. We will have such fond memories of our time with you. We wish you much success in your future endeavors and journeys.
Hopefully we’ll be able to plan another cruise with you in these beautiful Greek isles on the best boat with the best crew! Thank you for all you did to make our vacation so fantastic!! If you’re ever in Colorado, come stay with us. Pat B., Seth, Kiki, Kevin
Dear Jiorgos,
Thank you so much for all you did for me this AWESOME cruise! It was really kind of you to spend the whole night sailing just for us. Thanks a lot for introducing me to tubing. I think it’s my favorite water sport, especially since you were the one pulling the dinghy. That had been one wild ride!!
I don’t think I’ve ever spend a few days on a boat before. You and Kerstin made this cruise one of the most fun and memorable experiences in my life! I will never forget your guys’ kindness. Angela
Dear Kerstin,
I first want to say your cooking is better than any restaurant’s. It was so kind of you to always be concerned for my needs! That chocolate milk with ice is probably the drink I had most on this boat. I lost track of how many refills I had!!
I also want to thank you for befriending me on this trip. Before this trip, I didn’t think I would be friends with the crew, but you are so friendly, one can’t not be friends with you! You and Jiorgos made this cruise one of the most fun and memorable experiences in my life! I will never forget your kindness!

PS- Words cannot express how much FUN I had with you guys! (and girls). Angela

Dear Jiorgos & Kerstin,
You started a new chapter of life. That’s sailing life! Thank you for taking care and curing my sea sickness which ended after 40 years of my life due to your professionalism and caring. Our journeys were fantastic; you showed us very different islands of Greece. We are really thankful.
There are probably other good captains too, but Kirsten’s cooking under any conditions is the most delicious!! You have exceptional taste! We really hope to have more chances to be part of your crew!!
Thanks a lot, Natasha, Dima, Albina, Alexander