Dear Kerstin, Jiorgos & Tilak,
What an absolutely wonderful cruise! Your hospitality and sense of humor made this cruise so memorable. We will have such fond memories of our time with you. We wish you much success in your future endeavors and journeys.
Hopefully we’ll be able to plan another cruise with you in these beautiful Greek isles on the best boat with the best crew! Thank you for all you did to make our vacation so fantastic!! If you’re ever in Colorado, come stay with us. Pat B., Seth, Kiki, Kevin
Dear Jiorgos,
Thank you so much for all you did for me this AWESOME cruise! It was really kind of you to spend the whole night sailing just for us. Thanks a lot for introducing me to tubing. I think it’s my favorite water sport, especially since you were the one pulling the dinghy. That had been one wild ride!!
I don’t think I’ve ever spend a few days on a boat before. You and Kerstin made this cruise one of the most fun and memorable experiences in my life! I will never forget your guys’ kindness. Angela
Dear Kerstin,
I first want to say your cooking is better than any restaurant’s. It was so kind of you to always be concerned for my needs! That chocolate milk with ice is probably the drink I had most on this boat. I lost track of how many refills I had!!
I also want to thank you for befriending me on this trip. Before this trip, I didn’t think I would be friends with the crew, but you are so friendly, one can’t not be friends with you! You and Jiorgos made this cruise one of the most fun and memorable experiences in my life! I will never forget your kindness!

PS- Words cannot express how much FUN I had with you guys! (and girls). Angela

Dear Jiorgos & Kerstin,
You started a new chapter of life. That’s sailing life! Thank you for taking care and curing my sea sickness which ended after 40 years of my life due to your professionalism and caring. Our journeys were fantastic; you showed us very different islands of Greece. We are really thankful.
There are probably other good captains too, but Kirsten’s cooking under any conditions is the most delicious!! You have exceptional taste! We really hope to have more chances to be part of your crew!!
Thanks a lot, Natasha, Dima, Albina, Alexander
To Kerstin, Jiorgos, and Tilak,
A real treat to get to know you guys. We are already thinking of another time…with a little more WIND in the sails.
All the best to you and Anassa, Rodolphe, Caroline, Callist
Dear Jiorgos, Kertin & Tilak,
Thank you for sharing and organizing this first sailing with the family experience. We enjoyed everything: the boat, the sun, the wind (maybe too much!?) and all the beautiful places we went to.
We wish you plenty of little mermaids and little sailors because children bring happiness to life.
PS- If you ever come to Saint Barth for Christmas, please let us know and we would love to see you there. Roman, Caroline & Guillaume
Dear Jiorgos & Kerstin,
First of all- Jiorgos you are the man! I can finally say I personally know a celebrity. You are known by all and all love you for a good reason. Thank you for your patience with us and showing us such a good time. You are truly are a wise man.
Kerstin, you are so graceful- when you move you glide. You are a woman of many talents. Thank you for sharing them with us. Your cooking-bellisimo; your smile- bella (even with the crazy teeth), your presence- tres jolie.
You will both be very missed!! Please tell Tilak, that everything he did was greatly appreciated.
Take care & God Bless!! Soleil
We had the most amazing time on the catamaran with the greatest crew! I celebrated my 30th birthday on the boat with friends and it really could not have been better! Thank you Evangelos for organizing this amazing trip and thank you to the crew for making it unforgettable!! Sophie
Dear Jiorgos & Kerstin,It’s hard for me to describe what this trip has meant for me. It was absolutely divine. We were totally pampered! Your timeless effort to make us comfortable will not be forgotten. I am definitely looking forward to another memorable trip with you. You two make an awesome team. Louisetto
Unforgetable Trip!!
Unforgetable Yacht!!
Unforgetable Jiorgos, Kertin, Tilak!
We love you all!
Anassa is the best way to discover Greece islands!!
Muitos Beijos. Vamos morrer de saudades!!
Brazilian Friends Sonaya, Eduardo, Gabi, Keo, Marcia, Patrick, Bruno, Rafael, Fabrizio, Sophie
The way we have seen how life can be lived has shaken the definition of conquered simplicity to its core and shattered western ideals on how to properly remove one’s self from one’s fruitless and arrogant demands on life. Material possesions and relentless stimulation seen to put themselves and their ideas, into their own category that is labeled “necessary bullshit”.
The entire person who truly attains happiness and tranquility need to do so is good food, soulful liberation, freedom to maneuver, and true love
Yes, those are the challenging assets to acquire; us the time at sea that you have provided us guidance through seems to prove that, really, we don’t need anything accept wind. This time was truly a study of the wonders that mother earth provides us with, and I would have not been able to see any of it, in any form, without a learner. You two make just as lovely a team as I feel my wife and I do, and I hope our paths cross again soon.
Thank You Kelly S.
May you both define your own version of marriage but remember, love is not a feeling, it is a profound choice. I pray you are both brave enough to love each other forever…You both radiate beauty whenever the other is near. Celebrate your love, celebrate your life. We love you guys! K & A
Dear Kerstin & Jiorgos,
It was such a great pleasure to discover some of the most beautiful island and bays of Greece with you. We thank you so much for your kind hospitality, for having been so nice with the children and for spoiling us with delicious food. It was a lovely week that went by much too fast, but let’s hope that we will be sailing again with you one day!!
All the best to you, Vera, Ferdinand, Celina & Adrien
Greece is the place where
Myth = Reality
Greek God = Jiorgos
Greek Goddess = Kerstin
Tilak is a pair of very helpful hands.
Thank you very much. Alexander A.
Dear Jiorgos & Kerstin,
Thank you for making these 8 days really count in our lives. Your genuine hospitality made all the difference. We are so lucky to have had the best weather, scenery, most delicious food but best of all super companionship.
May God richly bless you. Mona
Even among Goddess, there is a Queen. Anassa, the Grecian Queen of the sea glides her way through the frosted Mediterranean, carry the souls that are in search for constant change and transformation, arriving in new times on ancient isles. This Goddess carries us broken, we, begging her to heal us from the tragedies of our world, escaping us from our suppressed American reality. Where we are from, our waters, the sinful Gulf of Mexico that has cast nasty spells on the city of New Orleans, the city of Voo Doo. Spells that produces heated temperamental hurricanes that have attended to slaughter our lives, but now over 6000 miles away, watching the sails rise, Anassa spreading her wings in the cultured wind. The seductive city of New Orleans remains in limbo, and the people who were brave enough to come back, are again trying to escape purgatory, begging God to play a different hand in poker, while he is mischievously creating 4 more storms that want to give birth to more destruction, a city surrounded by levee’s that want to burst into laughter that is consumed in water. Reveron Katrina already baptized my city in attempt to cleanse us from our sins, but instead unveiled the perverse ways of our grand country. But we have prevailed, the flamingo sunsets of Greece reminds me, not knowing then, that my future strength would come from here.
The queen of the Goddesses, Anassa a trip planned to orchestrate an escape, but has delivered a promise of healing as we sleep in the palm of her private yachted hands. She teaches us in silence while she dances with a smooth rocking on the very water that we all pre-existed from…the stone bottom sea walled shelf that stored the future evolutionary world, like a cold incubator that will transcend us from micro organisms- to living, breathing beings that we now call human. Some people go to India, Tibet, and Israel to search for themselves, ourselves, our true self, to find the place where we exist in the form of peace.
This trip I have realized I have returned to more than just the womb, the heaven where it all began is beneath us, the open seas, and this endlessness that defines our eternity. So play you hand God and I will close my eyes to translate your poker face then smile at you and beg you to “take the house” because now, I have found home, from a New Orleans lady to a temptress mermaid that now can breathe even in flooded waters, watching the fear that drives my inner hurricanes disparate, as I sink deeper into the water that has salted my flavored starved soul.Alicia E.
Happy Birthday to Me!! Great trip, crew and my new best friends. You will always have a home in the U.S.
Love, Deborah B.

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