Wellbeing Sailing Retreat

Nurture your being in all its perspectives: Body Mind Spirit

Accomplish detox, immune system empowerment, deep relaxation, resilience

1-3-5-7 days wellbeing programs

From 250€/day + VAT, additional to the charter price.

Programs incorporate:

  • Morning Yoga & Meditation
  • Sunset Yoga & Meditation
  • Ecstatic dance meditation
  • Yoga on secret beach (if applicable)
  • Meditative walk on nature (if applicable)
  • Unlimited water sports including: sup, canoe, diving, fishing
  • Detox nutrition with vegan choices in meals and juices with Mediterranean / Greek macrobiotic nutrition

Indicative program (to be adjusted to your rhythm):


  • Morning yoga
  • Nutrition Breakfast


  • Meditative walk on nature
  • Unlimited water sports
  • Detox nutrition meal


  • Sunset Yoga & Meditation / Yoga on a secret beach / Ecstatic Dance Meditation

Give your being what you deserve!